Sample On Hold Messages

Listen to Phonamatons On Hold Messages currently being used today. Read what our clients are saying about us, then contact us today and start enjoying the many benefits of on-hold marketing!

Kosher Village


Four Corners Bagel and Cafe

Advanced Dermatology

Triple A Medical Supplies

Ace Medical Supplies

Glatt Mart

National Home Furnishings

Braun's Juvenile Furniture

Hartson Kennedy

Everest Marble

Magical Moments

Stones n Counters


Food Ex

Hamilton Grove

"Callers actually compliment us about our on-hold message. Thanks, Phonamations!"

Brick Pedatric Group

"I really like the way phonamations goes about their business. They worked so efficiently to complete the project in a timely manner. Our on-hold message is really GREAT!"
Sandi Sivananda Owner-Manager, Brick Pediatric Group

Shore Area OB-GYN

"I'm a very satisfied customer. I appreciated the expertise and timeliness of their representatives. I was put in very good hands with their writer, voice talents and the production department. The writer captured the essence of our practice and our patients appreciate the information and humor in our message."
Carole Kaufman, Office Manager

Dr. Scott Meltzer DMD,PA

"We were very pleased with the service and final product provided to us by Phonamations. They were a real pleasure to deal with and extremely professional and efficient. Our patients now have a truly wonderful experience each and every time they are placed on hold."
Dr. Scott Meltzer DMD,PA