About On Hold Messaging

Phonamations produces customized six-minute on-hold messages combining professional voice talents, licensed background music and creative copywriting.  These messages are heard by your callers placed on hold using digital equipment that seamlessly integrates with your current phone system.

How It Works

The first step is listening to you.  We gather information about your business that you want to share with your callers.  If you prefer, one of our professional copywriters will conduct a telephone interview to assist in crafting your custom message.  From your company history to hours of operation, new product offerings to current sale specials, we tailor your on-hold marketing message specifically to your business.  This is truly a custom production, not a generic message.  Once you’ve approved your message script, you’ll select from over 20 professional male and female voice talents, specialty voices including Spanish-speaking narrators, teen voices, Australian and British accents and many more.  You can then choose the particular background music from over 20 different music genres and hundreds of music selections guaranteed to capture the personality of your company.  Our proprietary voice and music selection website makes it easy!  Of course, if the many choices seem a little overwhelming, our experienced production manger will be happy to choose the perfect combination of voice and music for your message.

Latest Sound EquipmentFAQ'S

How long are the recordings?
Phonamations produces messages approximately six minutes in length.  This allows your callers to hear a strong promotional message regardless of when they are put on hold.

What part of the message do callers hear when put on hold?
Our system constantly plays your message.  Therefore, when your caller is placed on hold, they will hear the message currently playing within the six-minute loop, ensuring frequent callers won’t hear the same message over and over.

Will this work with multi-line phones and phone systems?
Absolutely!  Regardless of the number of lines your phone system handles, every caller placed on hold will hear your message.

What kind of equipment do I need?
Depending on the particular format you prefer, you’ll need either a compact disc player or digital audio player.  HOWEVER: Phonamations can provide professional-grade audio players that will provide years of trouble-free service and pristine audio reproduction.

Does this work with all phone systems?
Our system works with most phone systems.  Give us a call to make sure.