Sample On Hold Messages

Listen to Phonamatons On Hold Messages currently being used today. Read what our clients are saying about us, then contact us today and start enjoying the many benefits of on-hold marketing!

Dhreem Kitchens

Glattbite Family Restaurant

"It is truly amazing what can be accomplished with a customized On-Hold recording. Our callers get to hear about all our menu options from Chinese to American cuisine. They become informed about our wide range of services. From catering to corporate accounts, to our lunch specials. It is truly an unbelievable marketing tool targeting our best audience “OUR Callers”. Phonamations has done a superb job and I highly recommend using them."
Mr. Y. Gelb, Owner

The Vineyard

"Our callers now hear a world class professional commercial while waiting on hold. Signing up with phonamations was an easy choice for us to make."
Simcha Ingber, Owner

Entourage Leasing

"We Love it Love it Love it!"
Joey Navon, Owner

Pooles Auto Sales

"You guys did a great job!"
Dan Anci

My Family Auto

Leasing Direct

Zap Lube Car Wash

Buckingham Valley Nursing And Rehab Center

Ocean Promenade

Dhreem Kitchens

"I wasn't sure that on hold messaging was for us. However, Phonamations was able to let our customers know not only what we do but who we are. We were impressed with the price and now, I don't think we could afford not to use Phonamations."
Eli Brailofsky, Owner

Silver Stones International

"After shopping around I came to realize that what phonamations has to offer is simply unparallelled in both it's professionalism, personalized service, and high level of quality in the end product. Phonamations is definitely the way to go."
M. Weber, Owner, Silver Stones International

The Hungry Puppy

Family Dentistry of Brick

"Phonamations was extremely professional and efficient in setting up our on-hold system. I look to refreshing the message we convey to our callers in a few months. It is an easy process when dealing with Phonamations".
Dr. Jared Berger

Eyewear Unlimited

"We are extremely happy with the on hold system you have set up for us. We constantly hear comments from our callers about how they enjoy their time on-hold"
Y. Berger Owner, Eyewear Unlimited

House of Granite and Marble

Yitz Auto Body

"We are seeing immediate results. Customers on hold are no longer left hanging, and we are delighted with the results. Phonamations answered our questions and made the process simple and easy."