Sample On Hold Messages

Listen to Phonamatons On Hold Messages currently being used today. Read what our clients are saying about us, then contact us today and start enjoying the many benefits of on-hold marketing!

The House of Granite and Marble

"We're always getting positive feedback from our customers since we started using Phonamations. Instead of being aggravated about being placed on hold, they tell us they enjoy what they are hearing. We're very impressed with the way Phonamations handled the entire process. We are getting more than our money's worth."
Joel Reisman, Owner

The Kitchen Outlet Center

Center for Health Education Medicine and Dentistry

"Phonamations was very easy to work with. Your suggestions were right on target and we are very happy that we put on hold messaging on our phone system. It’s a great way for us to both market and get important information to our patients. We were particularly satisfied with the concept of using one department’s on-hold to give information on another. I would recommend Phonamations to any business."
C.Werblowsky Director of Strategic Planning/Compliance


" I'm thrilled with our Phonamations on hold message! Their service and the quality of the script, is first rate. The voice and music is real studio performance. I can't stop listening to it! Thanks for a great find!"
Lior Koppel -EyeKrafters

CSO Radio

"There's no question about it on hold messaging is completely worth it! With my hectic schedule Phonamations really handled it well, from the script write to the followup calls..Phonamations, job well done!"
Yaakov, Manager CSO Radio

Dr. Natalie Harrison

"Thanks for all your help and we love the Phonamations message."
Dr.Natalie Harrison, DDS Houston, Texas

Ortho step

"Thank you so much for your patience. Its a pleasure working with you."

Childrens Family Dental

Dr. Berkman

Linden Dental Group

Dr. Lew

Dr. Hershman

GB Clothing

Expressive Lighting

Fortune Wigs

Funding Resources

Metropolitan Cafe

"You guys are really great!"
Robert Kash

Glatt Gourmet

Michael and Pings